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CATL-ChemCatBio Graduate Student Travel Award (Spring ACS 2024)


We are excited to announce that thirteen graduate students have been selected for the CATL-ChemCatBio Graduate Student Travel Award. Congratulations to the following students and their advisors:


Awardee                                  University                                                  Advisor

Selin Bac                           University of Southern California           Shaama Sharada

Shivangi Borate             University of Alabama                        James Harris

Keira Culley                      University of Colorado Boulder              Douglas Gin

Dimitri Gatzios               Oregon State University                      Lucas Ellis

Rory Hughes                   University of Glasgow                         David Lennon

Ethan Iaia                          University of Alabama                        James Harris

Alexander Minne             University of Alabama                         James Harris

Asmee Prabhu                 Nanyang Tech – Singapore                  Tej Choksi 

Raghav Saxena              University of Notre Dame                     William Schneider

Jun Zhi Tan                        Princeton University                           Michele Sarazen

Kevin Turaczy                   Columbia University                            Jingguang Chen

Andrew Wong                 Pennsylvania State University              Michael Janik

Rachel Yang                     Princeton University                            Michele Sarazen


Looking forward to seeing you in New Orleans and celebrating!

CATL Devision

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