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ChemistsLive, a one day event

Dear ACS CATL Division members,

We are pleased to host #ChemistsLive, a one day event featuring nearly 100 high-quality scientific presentations across two divisions (ACS BIOL & ACS CATL) with live talks and live Q&A on 25th September 2020.  This all day event will feature six sessions for each division and aims to garner 1000+ attendees!

Registration is free for division members, and registration is $10 for non-members.  Registration is required and will be open Sept 5th – Sept 14th. Save your spot now!

Please go to www.chemistslive.comto register. The full program for each of the two divisions can be found on the website at

We encourage non-members to join the division and to benefit from the free event.

Help us advertise the event by re-tweeting our announcement tweet:

Aditya Bhan, CATL Division Chair

Anne-Frances Miller, BIOL Division Chair

Aditya “Ashi” Savara, #ChemistsLive co-Director

Omar Abdelrahman, #ChemistsLive co-Director

Mark Distefano, BIOL Fall Program Chair

Steven Crossley, CATL Fall Program Chair

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